Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Many of you are aware and deeply concerned about the ongoing disaster relief efforts in Haiti. Unfortunately the media coverage seems to be diminishing over time, but our work there will continue! Please utilize the Foursquare website to keep your congregations informed. There are several videos that have been created that would be excellent to show your congregations. Last week we hosted Jeff Roper from FMI to give us an update on what is happening on the ground in Haiti and how our District could get involved with the relief efforts. Everyone is asking “What can we do to help Haiti”, here is Jeff’s response and plea for our help….. WE CAN PRAY…..Prayer is vitally needed for everyone on the ground in Haiti. When your congregations gather please remember to pray for Haiti. Everyone involved in the relief efforts will need a continual prayer covering (Haitians, military personnel, medical personnel, relief workers, etc) All of the leaders at every level face an enormous task and will need great wisdom to rebuild this country. Many are living in a state of devastation, and hopelessness. Haiti is a country in mourning and in about a month the rains will descend on Haiti making a terrible situation even worse. The Haitians have erected temporary shelters from whatever could be found. These shelters are not waterproof, and will not keep them dry. Pray that the Lord’s grace and mercy would be upon that nation. If possible direct the intercessors or prayer teams of your congregations to pray specifically for Haiti when they gather together for their regular times of prayer. WE CAN GIVE FINANCIALLY ……Everyone desires to do something! However sometimes our efforts can be well intentioned but really miss the mark. For instance if we begin to purchase articles of clothing in the United States and ship them to Haiti it would actually hurt the Haitians over the long run. Part of rebuilding Haiti will be rebuilding the Haitian economy. Those articles of clothing should be bought in Haiti from those Haitian entrepreneurs that emerge. FMI will be partnering with Haitian workers and local businesses as needed to provide goods/services. Also, Foursquare will be utilizing the church property of the National Leader in Haiti, Pastor Guy Thomas as a base of operations to launch our relief efforts in country. As you can imagine this property was devastated and will need significant repairs before it can be inhabited. Rebuilding this property and securing it will be a top priority of FMI. Please consider receiving a special offering to resource this project. GO, WHEN IT IS TIME TO GO…..Please contact our District Missional Coordinator or District Missions Representative (Keith Jenkins kjenkins@foursquare.org or Remi Lawanson rrljil@yahoo.com ) regarding “Go-Teams” to Haiti. Initially the first teams into Haiti will be more specialized focusing primarily on medical needs and construction. Beginning in the early Spring other teams will be organized and sent in as well. The duration of the average trip will be no more 10 days. We will support you and provide whatever guidance you may need in organizing a trip to Haiti. I pray that this information will be helpful to you as leaders as you construct any response strategies for your congregations. Keith Jenkins

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